Testimonials provided by customers that purchased our floor coating kits

Testimonials provided by customers that purchased our floor coating kits

I finished applying my Epoxy-Coat this weekend. I am very happy with the results and the product is a true hi gloss epoxy. Not the crud sold at most home improvement stores. This is bringing my garage project close to the end. I insulated it, added electric and a nice forced air furnace. Once drywall and painting was done I applied the floor. I just have some wall base and cabinets to install and paint touch up.

Etching was the worst part, not hard just took time and longer than I thought it would for the floor to dry. This was in part to water getting into shrinkage cracks down in the crack lines and around the footing wall and floor. I called Epoxy-Coat and asked them what to seal the cracks with before applying the floor. I used a Hi grade paintable caulk as they said to do. I did the same to the wood steps into the house.

I did have one boo boo at the beginning. I wanted to paint the footing wall around the perimeter and not have color chips on that part. I mixed a small amount in a mixing cup and started rolling it with a 2 inch roller. About 20 minutes into the application the container started getting warm in my hand and BLAM the stuff went off in seconds. (Yep true epoxy) I only lost a small amount, but I changed my application method by mixing a small amount and pouring it on the top of the footing wall and getting it out of the container as the instructions say to do.

The rest went very well. I applied Tan color epoxy with beige blend flakes as per the instructions and the DVD disc was a big help. I did buy the spiked shoes. I don’t see how you could apply this product without them? You can’t even tell you have walked in the wet epoxy with them on. Just don’t walk on anything soft or you will have holes. The clear was easy but I had a little trouble with air bubbles. The blower method worked for making them pop.

I did buy additional rollers and some extra cut in brushes since once this stuff cures there is no way it will be cleaned out of anything. Lacquer thinner works well for cleanup of wet product. I attached a few photos. (Didn’t take any before ones)

Thanks Epoxy Coat for a very nice product and kit.

Bruce, Yorkville, IL
We are absolutely thrilled with the timely completion of our basement floor. It is exactly what we hoped it would look like. It has been truly a pleasant experience working and getting to know you. Nothing seemed to be a problem for you and your team. Your professionalism and commitment to doing the very best your company has to offer is so appreciated. Risking life and limb to get here was far above what we would have expected from anyone, but you kept us informed, called when you said you would, and just did a terrific job.I hope Alan didn’t get in the way too much…he just likes to understand how everything works. It does not apply to vacuuming, though. I find him often on the stairs with his coffee admiring the floor. We can’t help it.I knew I wanted Performance to do this job, was willing to wait, and am so glad we did. We are fussy and always try to seek out the best in all we contract out. We sure made the right choice for our basement floor. I will now head the northern Illinois marketing team (Alan will be my asst.) for your company. It has been a pleasure to do business with you, Jenny and Hector supported by a great product. There is also a special thank you to Mr. Campbell who was always immediately available for questions and quotes. May you and your company enjoy continued success…may all your goals be met, both on the field and off.

Thanks again,

Linda and Alan Michelau, .

Your product is amazing I just did my garage floor in August. I am looking to do my parents floor as well. I believe there floor may have a clear sealant on it, can Epoxy coat be applied on a floor with a clear coat. They put something on it a year ago to keep the dust down.


T. Eicher, .

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product and customer service I received during the ordering and delivery process. In August I ordered a kit and installed it in my new house. Excellent kit with easy to follow instructions! I am super happy with how the garage turned out and my friends who see it are saving up to do theirs. I was very pleased with the whole process from ordering and tracking to ease of installation. Thank you for providing a quality product with great customer service.


Erik Jensen, Camarillo, CA
My wife and I completed the garage and our shop this past weekend. Here are photos I took of the garage. We used a coffee can with a plastic lid to disperse the Flakes. Drilled 3/8 holes in the lid, worked very well.

The flake colors in the garage:
1. Black Metallic
2. Neon Blue
3. Neon Yellow

Everyone at Epoxy-Coat.com has been very professional and very helpful to all my questions. Your product seems to be very durable. Looks neat under black light! The only think I hated to do was the floor grinding, but I think it will give us a longer lasting floor. I researched all the different brands and even though there are less expensive systems out there, I truly believe you get what you pay for and this systems is definitely a better quality than the other systems that I have seen.

This is our first time laying an epoxy floor!

Thanks again and best regards,

M. Landis, Columbia, PA
Hello Jenny,

Just a note from a very proud “garage owner”. I contacted you while trying to figure out what my best way to go was with my pitiful garage. Your contractor, Gary Bennett, of G B Interiors, came and showed me why Epoxy-Coat was my best choice. I am SO GLAD!! As a Realtor in South Florida, I see many “bargain” garage paint jobs that are flaking and peeling. Your product is guaranteed for life and now that I have it, I see why. Gary did a marvelous job and I thank you for this beautiful product! Please see my attached photos.

Sincerest regards,

Carla Connor, Realtor, Loxahatchee, FL
The garage is 30′ x 40′, and I was wondering how much over my head I may have gotten when I decided to coat the new floor. I prepped the floor with the enclosed acid wash liquid.

Then, 24 hours later, my oldest friend and I read the instructions, watched the video, and started. We were really surprised and relieved by how easy this all actually went on. We did 3 Full Kits of the beige, with the Sunset yellow, Canyon Red and Autumn Brown flakes. We then waited the 16 hours and applied the 3 Full Kits of Clear. The floor is amazing and just what I was looking for. The kits themselves were so complete; we only needed to have the handles for the squeegee and rollers. I couldn’t ask for a better-prepped kit.

Please see the attached photos. The before photos were taken after the acid wash. The finished photos were taken 24 hours after the clear coat was applied. Now I will be ordering kits for the old garage once I have it cleared out. Thank you to all the folks at Epoxy-Coat.

Tony Veloudas, .